Carrie Schneider’s instruction taps our vantage as 21st century yogins—fed by the myriad of traditions but not limited by any one. Her classes are seriously fun orchestrations of the salutations and held alignments that show us what we are.

Following OM’s first teacher training, in 1998, Carrie took certification intensives with American masters Richard Freeman, Rodney Yee, and David Life (Silver Bay, NY, 2001, 2002) that informed her teaching then as now. Kripalu's Stephen Cope became a mentor for writing about it all.

A longtime student of Kofi Busia and Ramanand Patel, Carrie was additionally certified by Kofi in 2013 and Rodney and Colleen Saidman Yee in January 2016. Her monthlong study with Iyengar masters Rajiv and Swati Chanchani in Rajpur, India, in February 2012 was another game-changer, as is her ever-deepening meditation practice, cheered on eternally by Swami Dayananda.

This ongoing inquiry has fueled group classes at Yoga Shanti, Practice Yoga, Yoga Sutra, Crunch, and the Printing House; workshops at Jivamukti, Pure, and Vira Yoga; retreats in the Finger Lakes, Samasati in Costa Rica, Menla Mountain, and Ananda Ashram (where her summer and fall weekends have been a staple since 2004); and private sessions with students whose devotion has been the greatest teaching of all.

From students...

“After eight years, I still learn in every session with Carrie something new about my body, my mind, my soul and human nature—eye-opening, mind-opening, heart-opening experiences I decided to share with the employees of the company I run with regular weekly classes. Her teachings blend what other gurus have shared with her along with an eloquence that enables her students to grasp nuances that continuously enlighten their exploration.”
Luca V., New York

“Carrie’s classes are the best I've taken in years of practice...the perfect combination of discipline, fun, and the true spirit of yoga.”
Hallie S., New York      

“‘She practices what she preaches’: that is the best way to describe Carrie’s approach to and process of teaching yoga. Whether they are beginners, gym rats or seasoned yogis, Carrie guides her students to challenge themselves body and mind to fully experience and reap the rewards of their practice. She takes the time to ensure that practitioners of all levels get the personal attention they need to ease their way to each pose correctly. I walk away from each class with a sense of peace, confidence, balance and completeness.”
Helena D., New York

“I am an active male who lifts weights, plays sports, and does yoga. Yoga with Carrie: no joke. Sometimes it's fast and challenges my strength, other times targeted at getting a limited number of poses right. Either way, it is intense. Carrie has significantly improved the quality of my yoga form. Perhaps more importantly, my mental focus while practicing is much better thanks to her. She has an amazing ability to catch me when I slack and make sure I give it my all. She is a terrific teacher, with the skill, care, and attention to really make an impact.”
Noah W., New York

“I consider Carrie a true gift to the yoga world. Her understanding of the human body and her expertise are capable of bringing the body as well as the mind to places not thought possible. She is truly one of the best yoga teachers I have encountered.”
Heike F., New York

"Carrie's teaching stays with you no matter where you practice. Her voice and instruction is clear, authoritative, and impactful. Words are not wasted; she simply changes your yoga practice. In every class you learn something new. I've become more aware and educated, not only on alignment but also by her deliberate and compassionate infusion of yoga philosophy.  I'm grateful for the 12-plus years I've practiced with her both in classes and on retreats."
Margaret O., New York

"I have had chronic back pain for years. I would often hurt my back terribly to the point where I could not move for a while. I had been scared of hurting my back during yoga lessons.Your yoga, however, always takes good care of each part of the body and makes me forget the fear of hurting the back. Your way of taking poses always inspires me and makes me recognize and improve my weakness. Thank you for teaching me yoga."
Sachiko I., Tokyo

"It is truly rare to find a teacher who can lead from the heart and has the depth of knowledge you share. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your kula."
Emilya C., New York