Traditionally, yoga was taught one-on-one. Transmission is clearer and more direct, and progress gets made that much faster. Together we will hone your potential at the level appropriate for you now.

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“I have studied with Carrie for more than 15 years in classes, retreats and private and semi-private sessions. I am always grateful to the grounding she has provided. She is not wedded to one style of yoga or another but rather integrates variety in a way that allows me to get maximum benefit from each session. Carrie tailors sessions to students’ needs but always challenges us to go deeper into the practice than we might otherwise be inclined to do. She is a very special teacher whose unique approach has enriched my own and that of many friends and family members.” 
John D., New York

“In the decade I have been practicing privately with Carrie Schneider she has transformed my heart, mind and body. Anyone who has the pleasure of experiencing her instruction will be better for it.”
Marianne L., New York

“Today is our anniversary and I surprised Noga with the certificate for a private class on our next visit to New York . You meant a lot to her, and not a week goes by without her mentioning how much she enjoyed doing yoga with you.”
Ofer D., Tel Aviv

“I’ve seen enormous benefit from just five sessions. My piriformis injury feels much improved, but more important, I feel restored and ready for my next chapter in life.”
Lauren S., New York